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Volunteers Create Campaign Site for Supporters of #ChangeTheDate

Melbourne based designers, illustrators, and activists have banded together to create a set of powerful resources in support of the #ChangeTheDate movement. The abundance of resources help individuals both create awareness as well as make change themselves.

The website which houses the information, changeitourselves.com.au, provides clear and actionable approaches to supporting the call to celebrate Australia on a different day. From information on changing the date in the workplace to free downloadable posters, the site provides needed clarity on how individuals can constructively show their support and demonstrate their commitment.

The project’s lead, Dale de Silva, said “In researching how to support the cause myself, I found the only options seemed to be to attend the #ChangeTheDate march or complain on Facebook, but both of those felt like waiting for change from above”

“It occurred to me that workplaces can be very supportive of personal beliefs and there must be something in employee contracts to allow shifting of a public holiday – And as it turns out, in many cases there is”

As Mr. de Silva found, the possibility of public holiday substitution is not difficult to look into, so he set about creating the site to empower people to find that information for themselves.

In 2018, the site couldn’t be launched at a better time. With bold support from local councils and Triple J changing the Hottest 100, real traction is starting to form on the need for change. In the lead up to January 26th, we should expect to see many other businesses adding their voices to the cause, and with these added resources, those already making changes now have a way to be more noticeable.

The Change It Ourselves team hopes that a supportive community will help build on the site and take the movement further. Their focus in launching the site was to provide supporters with somewhere to turn, and now that it’s live, they invite supporters to take the next step.



For further information contact:

Dale de Silva

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