Submitting a Poster

Have you created a poster for #changethedate that you wish others were able to find and use? Would you like to?

We would love see what you've got and help you share it for you.

Email your poster to

Your poster will likely be put on our site if...

  • It maintains a compassionate communication approach like seen on changeitourselves.com.au, and
  • the message is relevant to #changethedate or Australia's First People.

Submitting a poster means you...

  • own all copyright related to your poster design,
  • are allowing Change It Ourselves to share your poster on instagram, facebook, and changeitourselves.com.au,
  • are allowing Change It Ourselves to host and link to the files for website visitors to download and print free of charge.

A changeitourselves.com.au url will likely be added to the poster. This is important to help viewers find resources to show support, however, your poster will not be changed without your permission apart converting it to a print-ready file if necessary - and you maintain the copyright.

Here are the copyright instructions that will be displayed with your poster.